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Industrial Rolling Steel Service Doors

GENERAL: Rolling Steel Doors shall be manufactured by American Door Services.

CURTAINS: Curtains shall be constructed of interlocking rollformed (galvanized steel) (aluminum) (stainless steel) slats, to provide a curtain stiffness to withstand wind pressure of 20 lbs. per sq. ft. Galvanized steel slats shall be tightcoat galvanized with a coating of zinc not less than 1.25 ounces per square foot of flat metal, per ASTM standards. Curtains shall be equipped with a bottom bar consisting of two angles of equal height, one on each side securely fastened to the bottom of the curtain for reinforcement and to provide contact against the sill when closed. The ends of alternate interlocking slats shall be fitted with endlocks which shall act as a wearing surface in the guides and prevent lateral movement of the individual curtain slat.

GUIDES: Guides shall be formed of standard angles of sufficient depth to retain curtain in place under normal wind pressure. They shall be attached to jambs, plumb and true by bolts of not less than 3/8″ in diameter, spaced not more than 2 ft. 6 in. on centers.

ROLLER SHAFT: Roller shaft shall be of steel pipe of sufficient diameter to reduce deflection so as not to exceed 0.03 inch per ft. of span. Ends of roller shaft shall be completely closed by cast iron plugs. Roller shaft shall house counter-balancing mechanism including oil-tempered helical steel springs capable of producing sufficient torque to assure easy operation of the door curtain from any position. Spring tension shall be adjustable by means of an adjusting wheel on the outside of the end bracket.

BRACKETS: Steel plate not less than 3/16″ thick ball bearings at rotating support points bolted to wall mounting angle. Supports counterbalance assembly & forms end enclosures.

HOODS: Hoods shall be not less than *24 gauge (aluminum) formed to fit contour of end brackets in a neat manner and reinforced with stiffening rolls at top and bottom edges.

PAINT: Galvanized steel curtain slats shall have 1.25 ounces of zinc per square foot as per ASTM standard. All ferrous metal surfaces of door parts shall be given one shop coat of rust-inhibiting primer.

OPERATION: Insert one of the following: 1. Doors shall be operated manually by means of handles on bottom bar. 2. Doors shall be operated mechanically by means of a chain-gear operator, hand chain to be galvanized. Gears shall be made of high grade grey iron cast from machine patterns. Gear reduction shall be calculated to reduce pull on hand chain so as not to exceed 35 lbs. 3. Motor operator, see page for specifications on Motor Operators.

ERECTION: All doors shall be erected by the manufacturer or his authorized representative. Guaranteed for one year from the date of completion of erection. Any part defective In material or workmanship will be repaired or replaced without charge.

Manual Rolling Steel Service Doors

OPERATION: To be a manual push-up the maximum size for steel doors is 120 square feet (not to exceed 12’6″ wide) (grilles 140 square feet – not to exceed 14′ wide). Motor operator optional – U.L. recognized 115V, 60 Hz.

SPRINGS: Consist of flat blue spring steel wrapped around a 2″ pipe shaft and mounted into a spring box.

CURTAINS: Interlocking 22 gauge 4″ or 3″ galvanized steel slats. (G-60 – interior, G-90 – exterior.)

BRACKETS: Standard stamped brackets consisting of 13 gauge steel.

GUIDES: Guides are to be roll formed consisting of 13 gauge steel, grey primed.

HOODS: 24 gauge mill finished aluminum. Other colors available at additional cost.

LOCKING DEVICES to be removable. Hasp-pin type for use with padlocks. (Padlocks not furnished). Side bolts optional.


Industrial Rolling Doors

Roll-up door with motor operation.

Industrial Rolling Doors
Industrial Rolling Doors
Industrial Rolling Steel Doors
Industrial Rolling Steel Doors

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